The Things That Make Me LOVE Srbija!!

One of my favorite pictures I've taken since I've been here in Beograd. I was at the Kalemegdan with my sweetie, Bili, when this picture was taken. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen in my life. These little things make me love this city and country so much more. Beautiful sunsets. Historical landmarks. And a nation that you just can't help but love!

This was a wonderful day!! Snowy and beautiful! Saint Sava Church in the forefront and Saint Sava Temple in the background. Both are astounding places of worship. Makes me love my religion even more. Orthodoxy is just absolutely beautiful, in my opinion.

A walk home from a cafe and this is the beautiful site I was granted to see when I turned onto the side street. Saint Sava is absolutely beautiful at night.

One of many wondrous abnormal snowy days. One of the main streets throughout the city. Love the combination of old and new buildings.

The beautiful Saint Marko Church. Taken on one of my many nightly excursions with the man of my life. This church is magnificent. I need to get some pictures of it during the day. Though I love the way the churches here look at night with all the beautiful lighting.


12 thoughts on “The Things That Make Me LOVE Srbija!!”

  1. Beautiful pic of St. Sava! I went to Serbia in 2009 with my wife and was able to go there. Your picture captures the granduer of it. Very nice.

    • Thank you! I cannot wait to have the ability to get my with my D-SLR instead of my PowerShot. 🙂 St. Sava is amazing! I pass it every day I go to work, and every day it still amazes me. Lovely blog, btw! I took a peek at it. Will be keeping up with it!

  2. Janis Hinkle said:

    Enjoyed your most recent posting as well as the beautiful pictures. Never been to Serbija as yet, but since I adore my Serbian daughter-in-law, I am soaking up all I can learn about the culture and history. BTW, Promajaneck is my son.

    • Thank you! Serbia is definitely a beautiful yet complex place. Any foreigner should approach with an open-mind and a big heart. 🙂 Thank you for the comment and subscription. For what little I know of your son, he seems to be a good man. Congrats on raising him such. :)) God Bless and Happy New Year!!

  3. Boki said:

    I love your picture of the sunset…it’s pretty much what I’m always amazed by every time I go to Beograd, no matter where it happens, whether on such a fantastic viewpoint such as Kalemegdan or at the traffic lights on a hill in Zarkovo it is ALWAYS beautiful… I’ve just subscribed to your blog, I was born in London, have married a guy from Beograd and share your viewpoints. Look out for more comments! Take care

    • I have to agree! The sunsets here are truly amazing. It is rare that I don’t see one I don’t like. 🙂 I live further away from the city center and can see Avala when I’m outside on the other side of the ridge from where I’m at. There are nights that, with the sunset, Avala is the most beautiful tower I could ever imagine.

      I’m glad you like here with the blog! If you’re on FB or Twitter, I’m there, too. 🙂

      Looking forward to your comments!

  4. Anna Giwa said:

    OMG I LOVE THIS… these pics are GREAT

  5. Serbian Politician said:

    Love the sunset & Sveti Sava photograph!
    Great job, God bless you xxx

  6. Great images from the most beautiful city in the world! LOVE BELGRADE!

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