A Little About Zadnistryany


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Zadnistryany signOkay… you might be looking at the title, attempting to figure out how to pronounce that Z word. Just so you know, I’m still not 100% since I’ve never heard a native say it. No matter how you pronounce it, this is where my great-grandfather (прадід in Ukrainian, прадед in Russian) is from. This tiny village is just that – tiny. So tiny, there really is no information on it. Not in English (definitely not), nor Ukrainian or Russian.  Continue reading


When Land Was Thrown at Scotland


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North IrelandOkay, so this title is a bit odd to say the least. But it probably has you wondering what I’m referring to. I’m referring to some legends I stumbled upon when learning basic geography of some areas pertaining to my mother’s side of the family. Actually, they pertain to everything non-Slavic in my family.   Continue reading

Scratching the Surface


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About 4 to 5 years ago I began the journey to understand my dad’s side of the family. Now, without airing lots of clean and dirty laundry like any family has, it’s hard to explain how complicated this task is. But be annoyingly general – it’s complicated. We’re one of those families that is close but not too close. Some of us haven’t spoken in 10+ years. And I vaguely remember the last times I saw some of my relatives on my father’s side. So attempting to dig is not easy. By far.  Continue reading

Laying The Foundation


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Heritage flagIt’s hard to think about where I should begin with documenting everything I know so far. But I’ll try my best to keep this in some order of logic.

I grew being told my Dad’s side was Polish-Ukrainian – whatever that was supposed to mean. For some reason, though, I always just said Ukrainian. The reason became logical in my head when I found a book in my elementary school library on Ukraine. It was part of a great series on various countries around the world. Anyway, this book on Ukraine had an image of a little boy who had cotton white hair – like me. From then on, I said Ukrainian and only Ukrainian dismissing any concept of Polish blood. I was young and simple in thought. Continue reading

Finnegan, Begin Again!


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Following the RoadBack in May (I think it was) I wrote saying that this blog, which used to be Trek for Truth, was going to become something else. I thought I had that figured out… but I didn’t. So, I hesitated with redesigning the blog for the previous ideas until I was certain that’s what I wanted here.  Glad I gave myself some time – because I changed my mind…a few times actually.

But…I’ve got it now. Thankfully.

Continue reading

Starting Anew


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Start AnewSo, the new site is picking up. Thankfully. It’s a much bigger challenge to get followers and such when you’re not at WP.com. Definitely easier here.  But that’s okay. I don’t mind the challenge.

So I’m still not completely done with my concept on this site, though.  Hopefully over the next week you’ll begin to see new things and lots of changes as everything converts over to what this blog with be able.  This site will still contain posts about Slavs or Slavic subjects (unless I change my mind, though doubtful as the only thing I’ve contemplated is showcasing some of my writing, but…). But it will not be strictly about Serbia and my experiences here.  That’s what Trek for Truth is for. That’s also why it moved.

I do hope you’ll stick around and be as involved in the new project here as you were with the old Trek for Truth. I also hope you’ll join me on the new site, too. I miss you all if you decide to not join me in the fun over there.

Until later…. consider this a new beginning.

Trek for Truth is Moving


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Trek for Truth has a new virtual home. We are now at Trek for Truth. I do hope this has not inconvenienced you.

If you were an email subscriber, you should have received an email from me directly informing of the move as well as an email to confirm the subscription to the new blog.

For those that follow via WP.com, please note that this blog will stay active.  It will change content and design. You are more than welcome and encouraged to follow this blog-to-be as well as the new Trek for Truth. This blog will become a place of Slavic cultural discovery. Politics will be spoken of minutely, only when regarding history. And even then, I will attempt to avoid it. This blog-to-be will not be a place of debate per se, but a place of Slavic pride and culture. I will be providing guest articles from other Slavs, both born in the US and of their home country. There will be Slavic awareness here. A place for Slavs and non-Slavs to come and enjoy our beautiful heritage and history.

So please, if this is something that might interest you, stick around. I look forward to seeing you all in both places.


Trek for Truth Meets YouTube


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Trek for Truth on YouTubeSo, in preparation of Trek for Truth doing videos in the near future, I went ahead and snagged the YouTube channel.  I’ve got one video up already and will be uploading others shortly.  They are from the Beogradski Sindikat concert that was on April 28th here in Beograd.  Not quite the normal videos I’ll be posting on the Channel but it is still part of the experiences here.

Read more here.

Non-Serb Support (Updated)


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Coat of arms of Serbia (since 2011)Now, there are a great many out in the cyber world who profuse their undying love and support for Serbia and her people.  I won’t lie – not all do I truly feel have their mind, heart, and soul in the right place for Serbia, but to each his own.  That’s just my opinion that, for now, will stay with me.

Read more here.

Little Serbian Inspiration


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Serbian FlagI’m always collecting YouTube videos of various things for various reasons. I like to collect information, though, in general.  This is something I’ve realized with the 30+ GB of eBooks I have on my external hard drive on subjects I’ll probably never like or read, but I’ve managed to share them with others, so yay!  Anyway…  in my process of collecting, I’ve collected a few different videos of a promotional sense about and for Serbia.

Read full article here.