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Ivan SpiwakSo…
I’ve been quiet.  Sorry! It wasn’t out of dislike or anything!  Just had LOTS of changes in my personal life. Relationship ended. New job. Moved. Visited the USA for the first time since I moved to Serbia. Getting back into the swing of things. And now many more changes ahead of me for the end of this year and all of 2014! I can’t even begin to talk about all that yet! Hahaha!

AND…there have been some genealogy changes.  You know, sometimes, information is just wrong… no matter what we do to try and find the right information the first time around. Over in my post about January 27th, I mentioned how my great grandparents left the Old Country on January 27th, and 98 years left I left the New Country for the Old Country.  Well…. sadly, I don’t have that tie anymore.  After finding proper documentation, the gentleman’s information we had for my great-grandfather, was in fact, NOT my great-grandfather.  How ’bout them apples…?

BUT!  With the help of a friend and a woman who lives in the villages (which were still correct thankfully) I do have my great grandfather’s information!!! WOOHOO! We had thought my g. grandfather’s name was Kazimierz and just called himself John in the US.  Never seemed logical, but hey! Whatever floats his boat!  Oh we were wrong… Hahaha!  His name was Ivan! Much more logical for John in the USA.  😉 That’s ONE of his ship manifests at the top.  Yep. I said one of them.  My great grandpa was in and out the US a couple of times before his last entry which is the day he claimed on his Naturalization papers in 1913.  The manifest above is from is entry in 1911. I have records of other entries, too, but the images are quite hard to read.  So I’ll not kill your eyes with attempting to display them here.

And so far…the information on my grandmother is still turning out to be all correct.  I’m waiting on some proof of that though with my connection in Ukraine as she is from the villages my family is from.  And she’s even put me in contact with some distance cousins of mine!!  I’ve officially been invited to visit whenever I want!  So you can bet I’ll be visiting as soon as possible!  I’m hoping for next summer. 🙂 But that depends on my other changes.. as a move to a different country looks to be in my near future.  So depending on my job/country situation I might not have time off from work to venture to Ukraine properly.  But we’ll see!!  😀  Life is constantly taking twists and turns. 🙂

So.. I have many more things to post I’ve found or that has been found for me.  But they are to come in the near future!  Hopefully I can get back on track with everything, and all my writing projects!  Until then!!