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Hamburg Passenger ListsAlright, so maybe “saint” isn’t appropriate, but that’s what it feels like.  As anyone who’s read this blog or knows me personally, my family’s side of the family is a bit vague and completely complicated to research. Not only are they from Eastern Europe which has seen a fair share of government changes, the documents don’t always exist.

However, a gentleman I know through a Facebook genealogy group has offered to help me with something that’s a bit complicated for me due to living in Serbia now. He’s near the LDS Library and visits regularly for his own research. He’s offered to look up the microfiche reels that I’ve actually found that contain documents from my family’s villages, Pohirtsi and Zadnistryany.

Now, there is no guarantee that the church documents that are on these reels will benefit me, but at least I’ll know one way or another. It’ll allow me to knock off those reels from my “to-do” list and let me know where I stand with things. But these reels could bring so many possibilities to me:

  • Info on relatives I know about
  • Info on relatives I don’t know about
  • Possibly the truth of my surname as family lore says it was shortened
  • Possibly the proper spelling of my great grandmother’s surname
  • Maybe details of religion, ethnicity, etc.

I’m not sure what was documented on these records so I’m not 100% sure honestly.. but the possibilities are there!  This excites me so much! To know that I might have answers to some questions or to know that I’m going to have to dig even harder, at least I’ll know. I’ve known about these reels for months now, but haven’t managed to look into ordering them from LDS to be sent here to Serbia’s LDS church.  So either way, whether my family is on these records or now, I’ll be happy just to know. Of course, my fingers are crossed for facts and relatives! What genealogist – amateur or professional – wouldn’t want more facts and relatives on the tree!

So, if you’re following the blog, you’ll know as soon as I know about what the documents say. Trust me, I’ll be screaming with joy from the rooftops if there are family members listed within these reels!

Have you ever literally screamed or jumped up and down or done something crazy when you’ve gotten news or found information about your relatives you didn’t have before? Especially big finds?!

Photo: The Hamburg ship manifest for my great grandparents.