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SilhouetteIn a recent post, I asked about how other genealogist and family ancestral diggers talk about anyone prominent or even famous without sounding like your bragging. I got back great responses that really helped me approach this subject.  It boils down to the reason and the way you approach the discussing the relative.

I only care to discuss some of the prominent figures in my tree for the sheer purpose of connecting with others.  So I’m going to start off with one everyone knows.  

T.J the 3rd

Now you might be asking who is T.J the 3rd and how is it everyone knows him? Do you know more about his family and relatives? I’d love to know what you know!

T.J the 3rd is Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America.

Here is a screen shot of my family tree on Ancestry.com with the “View Relationship” option present, as I use this with all my relatives.

T.J. the 3rd

Now, I’ve cropped out unneeded and personal information about my family and my account. Sorry, I have to be as safe as possible on the internet and respectful of all living relatives of mine.

So yea.. I have T.J. as a 1st cousin (8x removed). This is still kind of interesting to me really… and sometimes I don’t believe it. I grew up knowing about some others in the family but didn’t know about him until recently when my Uncle, who does much of the family genealogy also, told me about him.  Then one day I plugged him in the tree and it became real. I sat back and just stared at the screen for a good 5 minutes.

Here is this guy, that I learned a bit about throughout school in the USA, that I just plugged into my family tree as a relative.  But he’s not just a relative.. he’s not some distant 12th cousin 10x removed. No… it’s like we’re real cousins. First cousins. I mean.. that’s on a whole different level in my head. I still can’t wrap my brain around it.

But at least he’s a good man to be related to. Not only was he one of the few good presidents the USA ever had. But he was a good man from what little I do know about him. I see people post images of his quotes on Facebook and I just kind of smile. It’s amazing to see so many people believe in what this man once said.. and then just recently realize he’s a very close relative. His grandfather is my 8th grandfather. His father is my 7th great grand-uncle. The grandfather bit seems to be easier to visualize in the tree scheme of things in my head.

And being related to him links me to so many other people. Those I’ll discuss later, too. So yeah.. this is prominent relative #1 I’ve mentioned here. I just wish I would have known I was related to him when I visited Monticello when I was in the 7th in 1998…or on when on the same trip I visited his memorial in Washington, D.C. Maybe I would have paid a bit more attention – especially when at Monticello. But it’s nice to know my family has great taste in living locations. It’s genetic, I think. Maybe it’ll be genetic that the family members are destined for great things. Hehehe.. Ok, now I’m just kidding myself. But hey! One can dream, right?

Are you related to T.J.?  If so, how? Maybe we can figure out how we’re related.