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Sambir EmbroideryAs I’ve mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, my father’s family originated from today’s Western Ukraine from the villages of Pohirtsi and Zadnistryany. These villages are nestled in the Sambir Raion of the L’viv Oblast. Now I found these villages by fluke actually. And here is how…  

I was desperate one day in attempting to find out my father’s lineage. I had searched the names I had from another man’s genealogy work. Now, in part of the documents it lists “Holodufka, Rudki, Poland” as my great grandfather’s birth place. However, if you attempt search this in Google or other engines, you don’t get far. At all. But one night, though I had searched many times before, I landed on a website due to the word “Rudky” which is the Ukrainian spelling of it.

Now, this site I stumbled on was a blog about embroidery. My heart stopped. This couldn’t be possible. Prior to finding this site, I had possibilities of villages but nothing too concrete because I couldn’t be sure of this “Rudki” among documents. The only Rudky I could find in Ukraine was a city. And by the way this was presented on documents, Rudki should be more of a county or similar. But there was nothing of the sort I could find…until this blog site. This blog site happened to have a map of Western Ukraine with the raion of “Rudky” marked.

My eyes got huge. My heart stopped. My boyfriend was sitting as his computer and thought something had happened. I then rushed to find a map of the raions by today’s names. Found out it is now called Sambir.

But not only did I find out the current which was a huge help I’ll explain in a later post, but it gave me images of the raion’s embroidery patterns! Now, for those that might now know, I’m a bit of a Slavophile in general. But to find the traditional embroidery patterns and designs of my ancestors’ region just filled me with so much joy. So now, I’m going to share with you some of the images that were presented on that blog post: