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old photosAnyone doing serious genealogy will always find at least one famous or semi-famous person. How distantly related to them you are is a different story.  I have my own share of famous and prominent persons in my family tree. But how do you go about researching or discussing with other genealogist without sounding like your bragging or just throwing names out there?  

I’ve told very few people some of the names I’ve come across. Some are closely related while some are more distant or through a distant marriage. Some I’m proud of more than others, some I knew about it, and some were always told to me but I didn’t know how, and then some I had NO idea that I’d find them.

Are there ways to discuss these without sounding like your being egocentric about it all?

I’d love to put information here on the blog about them as I’d love to reach out to others who are related and maybe gain even more information. There are founding fathers, important families, royalty, and revolutionaries in my family and I want to know more but don’t want to be a bragger.

So, to the other genealogists, especially those that blog, how do you approach discussing these figures, without the other side effects, to help gain more information and possibly connections with others trying to piece together the same family?

Please leave suggestions in the comments as I’d love to know how you go about such situations. Or if you’ve maybe read other blogs who’ve addressed such finding, I’d love to know how they go about things!  All insight and suggestions are welcomed with open arms! Thanks in advance for any comments you leave below!

*Photo: Stockphoto. Not my ancestors.