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Following the RoadBack in May (I think it was) I wrote saying that this blog, which used to be Trek for Truth, was going to become something else. I thought I had that figured out… but I didn’t. So, I hesitated with redesigning the blog for the previous ideas until I was certain that’s what I wanted here.  Glad I gave myself some time – because I changed my mind…a few times actually.

But…I’ve got it now. Thankfully.

So, this blog will now house my personal hunt of my genealogical journey. I have many subscribers. If you are more interested in what the previous content was (about my experiences and opinions of Serbia) please click here. You are more than welcome to stay around, but this new content will have nothing to do with any of that. It’s on the blog’s new hosted home. You can click the two links above or even the big “Trek for Truth” in the navigation menu. It’ll shoot you straight there.

Now, for those staying around or just joining in, this blog is going to capture almost all the information, findings, and stories I uncover as I search both sides of my family. My father’s side is generally my main focus as I have a dear Uncle who’s been working on my mom’s side for a few decades now.  We are now working together to accomplish more of that side of the family.  However, for my father’s side – there is nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. I can only go back to my great grandparents confidently. I have some half names for their parents, but they aren’t 100% confirmed. Over the last 4-5 years I have come a long way considering I had nothing really minus some information a dear man pieced together when his daughter married into our family. And that’s all I had to start with. We had improperly spelled village names, no idea where in Austria-Hungary these villages were, or anything.  Over the last year, I’ve found all that.

I’m in the process of attempting to make contact with those villages to find out if my family was truly from there or if that was one more thing my great grandparents lied about to hide secrets I have yet to uncover. All of this information will be posted here. The only thing you’ll never see here are the names of the living. That’s the agreement I’ve made with all the living relatives actually. But I won’t be talking about specific individuals unless they are dead or they are my own personal stories I can recall.

So anyway… now you know what’s going to be here. If you want to stick around, please do so! I’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions, and ideas – especially if you are into genealogy, too!  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will and do every day I manage to search for something – and even more so when I find something new.