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Start AnewSo, the new site is picking up. Thankfully. It’s a much bigger challenge to get followers and such when you’re not at WP.com. Definitely easier here.  But that’s okay. I don’t mind the challenge.

So I’m still not completely done with my concept on this site, though.  Hopefully over the next week you’ll begin to see new things and lots of changes as everything converts over to what this blog with be able.  This site will still contain posts about Slavs or Slavic subjects (unless I change my mind, though doubtful as the only thing I’ve contemplated is showcasing some of my writing, but…). But it will not be strictly about Serbia and my experiences here.  That’s what Trek for Truth is for. That’s also why it moved.

I do hope you’ll stick around and be as involved in the new project here as you were with the old Trek for Truth. I also hope you’ll join me on the new site, too. I miss you all if you decide to not join me in the fun over there.

Until later…. consider this a new beginning.