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Trek for Truth has a new virtual home. We are now at Trek for Truth. I do hope this has not inconvenienced you.

If you were an email subscriber, you should have received an email from me directly informing of the move as well as an email to confirm the subscription to the new blog.

For those that follow via WP.com, please note that this blog will stay active.  It will change content and design. You are more than welcome and encouraged to follow this blog-to-be as well as the new Trek for Truth. This blog will become a place of Slavic cultural discovery. Politics will be spoken of minutely, only when regarding history. And even then, I will attempt to avoid it. This blog-to-be will not be a place of debate per se, but a place of Slavic pride and culture. I will be providing guest articles from other Slavs, both born in the US and of their home country. There will be Slavic awareness here. A place for Slavs and non-Slavs to come and enjoy our beautiful heritage and history.

So please, if this is something that might interest you, stick around. I look forward to seeing you all in both places.