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"Not in NATO"Many people on Facebook have probably seen the video of Dutch NATO ‘soldiers’ who decided they’d make a parody to the beloved song Kokomo by the Beach Boys.  I’ve placed the video below. Now, parodies are supposed to be funny.  I get that.  But there should be a line drawn.  And I think this video is evidence of that.  Everyone has their opinion about the Southern province of Serbia.  The imagery of Kosmet is haunting no matter who is thinking of about it all.  For a Serb, the haunting imagery is personal.  Their families were affected.  Their culture was affected.  Their faith was affected.  Now, the video is of NATO ‘soldiers’ who are supposed to be there with no ties to either side – Serbian or Albanian.  However, their actions speak differently.  Watch the video:

Read the full article and watch the video here.