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As everyone has probably heard, the Balkans have been blanketed in snow.  The worst yet in over a decade.  Unfortunately, all of Southern and Eastern Europe have been smothered resulting in deaths, loss of power, being snowed in without supplies, and just one big hassle and mess on everyone’s hands.  However, there is still beauty in all this.  At least for me as I love snow, though I will happily admit this is a pain to deal with for daily life circumstances.  Having to shovel the nonstop shower of snow or dealing with the below freezing temps and bone-piercing winds while going to and from work, the store, or even walking your dog is just not fun.  However, I have managed some photos of the massive snow attack in my neighborhood.  So I’m going to share them… Enjoy!  And for those being affected by this crazy winter, please stay warm and safe.

Read full article and see photos here.