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Coat of arms of Serbia

Serbian Supporter

As many people who have visited Serbia, we all love it. Everyone loves the hospitality, the food, the nightlife, women, etc. etc. etc.  However, I’m seeing a growing number of people who are wanting to move to Serbia or have already moved here, trying to do all sorts of things ‘to help Serbia/Serbs.’  Let me first say, there is nothing wrong with helping Serbs or Serbia if it is genuine and pure in the reasoning.  Political or other reasons can be borderline of whether they are actually in the best interest of Serbia or not.  And no, I’m not saying that if it’s against my beliefs that it’s wrong – I’m referring to what will really help out the situations here.  Nothing more.

Now, all these people go about it in different ways.  Everyone wants to ‘help’ but are all of these little helpers legit?  Or they trying to turn Serbia into the next ‘Fundraiser for Africa’ situation where donations are asked for but everyone is unsure of what’s really being done with the money donated.

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