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Rough Translation:


I am from that country, you know,

to every force, she stand on its way.

In her, life is not highly valued,

in her, just heroes are celebrated.

It is that country, you know,

that through centuries just gets hurt.

They will never wise up,

They think justice rules over the world.

I am from that people, you know,

Who never steps a side to no one.

for him there is no bigger and stronger,

he is not afraid of warfare.

That is a people, you know,

who bears genes of war inside.

To him, the biggest pleasure is,

to defy to stronger.

If you come in that defiant country,

where there is never peace.

You will fall in love with that people,

to who heart dominates the mind.

*This is not mine, but found among the many beauties about this land.  I figured I would share.  Hope you enjoy.