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This was actually posted on my Facebook page.  However, it deals with what I discuss here on my blog and the things I have learned about myself over the last year.  Figured it was important to place it here since this documents my journey here.

You know, in my year here in Serbia, I have been more true to myself than I ever have been. I have been able to freely express how I feel and encouraged to do so. And in the process of doing so many people look down their noses at me, have refused to talk to me, and have been “disappointed and hurt” because their assumptions and expectations of me were not to their liking. Well I am NOT sorry for this. I am completely happy with who I am and where I am. If you don’t like me for me and who I REALLY am… then please unfriend me now. I care not for the baggage of those who will more than likely hold me back in the future as I further in life with my endeavors. Love you all as you’ve all helped shaped me into the woman I am… but if your part in my life is done, then it is done and we should move on. Good luck in life. Goodbye to those who choose to unfriend.

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