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So… it’s Sunday.  I wanted to go to Ušće today, but it became pointless when I couldn’t get into my e-banking to convert some money.  The joys of dual currency accounts.

So my plans to find better boots for the snow, a camera bag, and a couple more sweaters – as I think I have like 3 decent ones to wear right now – were nicked; the others are just not proper for this kind of cold and damp weather.

Aside from this personal “tragedy,” everything is decent right now mostly.  Well, personal things are decent.  My work is still an issue as my boss is not the easiest to deal with.  Come April my visa expires due to having to renew my passport.  My boss put up a fight about getting my visa the first time around, I worry about him renewing though it is much easier to renew than to establish initially.  So, now I have to make sure I have a back up plan in place just in case.  And some might read this and wonder, it’s only January why the rush? However, they must not know about Serbian legislation and how long it takes to get anything processed.  It’s definitely like pulling teeth from a tiger.  Oh well, I’ve managed this far and I will continue until I have dual citizenship one of these years.

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