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So, over my year of blogging here I’ve made some blog friends, some in person friends, and found some sites/blogs in general to look into.  I figured it’s time to introduce and suggestion!!!

1.  They Called It Promaja – This is a blog written by an American gentleman.  He was luckily enough to marry a Serbian woman.  He has spent much of his time in marriage not only loving and cherishing his wife, but learning the ways of Serbian culture.  He’s even ventured this way back in 2009 to meet much of her family and see everything first hand.  I highly recommend his site for anyone wanting to know more of a non-Serb’s thoughts and opinions of Serbs and Serbia!  Enjoy!!

2.  Serbs for Serbs – This is the English site of the organization.  This organization is amazing.  They do everything in their power, and then some, to help Serbs everywhere that have been forgotten.  They specialize in getting food, supplies, and housing needs to displaced families in Serbia – including Kosovo and Metohija, Republika Srpska, Croatia, Macedonia, etc.  These gentlemen and men eat, breathe, and live this organization to help provide physical needs and hope to families in dire need.  Check out the site.  See what they are doing.  Help if you can!

3.  Living In Belgrade (Link fixed! Sorry!) – Beautiful little site started by my dear Greek friend, Zafiris.  Amazing man with a heart of gold!  Anyway… he started this site to help foreigners living here in Belgrade to know the ins and outs of where to go, what to do, and places to see.  It also has a forum to help foreigners meet and get to know each other.  The site is fairly new, but definitely worth looking into, which you should definitely do if you are a foreigner living or visiting Belgrade!!

4. Serbia’s Ambassador to the World – An amazing site owned and operated by a foreigner named Karl.  Karl is the best.  He knows it all about Serbia and places it all on his site.  Hundreds visit his site a day to see the vast amount of information about Serbia that is spread across the internet and media in general.  From newspapers to blogs, he’s got it and something to say about it.  Definitely worth looking into!

This list is by far incomplete and in particular order of value or important.  I will add to this list as I find more sites to check out!