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So I’m sitting in complete silence.  The only sounds in the house are the hums of the computers.  Everyone is away for a bit.

First off, I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful New Year.  Orthodox Christmas and New Year are around the corner for us Julian celebrating Orthodox.  I cannot wait.  In 25 days, I will have been in Serbia for 1 year.  Insane to think about really.  Seems much longer yet the exact opposite at the same time.  This past year has been filled with crazy ups and downs both personally and professionally.  Professionally more than anything, though.  And yes, as every normal human being I’ve thought about the last year, about what I liked, didn’t like, and what I wanted to change for the following year.  I am not the type to make actual resolutions.  However, this year I might make an exception.  I have many things I am getting involved in and aiming to accomplish within the next year or so, so maybe resolutions would be helpful.  I’ll start my list, in no specific order, and see what happens:

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