Arash. Morandi. Guetta. The playlist is set now…

It has been too long since I’ve written anything of value or worth.  There have been a million things that have happened.  From a severely bad job experience in Ukraine that brought me back to Serbia which actually helped me find work to getting back in the swing of university work day and night.  The joys of an online university.  However, I’m so excited and yet so nervous to be teaching for the first time.  Meeting the people that I’ll be working with and seeing on a regular basis has made me think about some things though.

Many people always ask me what I think about Serbia, how I feel about this or that.  And I love the questions.  But I realized I’ve only kept things quite formal here in the blog.  So, tonight… it’s about getting a little personal – the inside of my mind as an American trying to make it in a foreign country.

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