So I have fallen behind again.. but I’m getting things in order for the coming school year.  I have been job hunting.  Since I cannot find work here in Serbia to teach English as a foreign language, I’ve had to look elsewhere.  I’ve officially accepted a job in Ukraine.  Though I will be moving for the school year, I will still be working on so many things I have planned for this.  I’m hoping that with the move since I won’t know anyone I’ll have more time to devote to my blog.  So if everyone can hang in while I still get things lined up, I promise great things are to come.  I’m working out some details of talking to some figure leaders with organizations and locals of how they feel about the bombings of 1999, current situations, the fall of communism to now, etc.  Lots of things in the works, which is also why I sometimes cannot stay on top of things. I’ll be back on track soon!!! It’ll be worth the wait, too.  Promise!