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Hopefully Very Soon!!!

So.. here are some things I’m lining up to be posted here ASAP.

  • Got a couple book reviews that tie into the political side of this coin.
  • I have some material I’m getting translated from Serbian to English to post and elaborate on.
  • Been talking to people on both sides of the pond (Americans and Serbians) and have been getting opinions, stereotypes, and things that people want to know.
  • Looking into getting some news articles translated, posted, and reviewed.
  • Will hopefully be getting some pictures up soon. (Still personally trying to get pictures of the bombed buildings here in Beograd, but that can be difficult here. Doing what I can though.)
  • And I’d love to get some raw video of  just shots around town here in Beograd of the people, culture, and places.

There are many more things in detail I’d love to get up here ASAP, but I’ll get them up soon enough.  Promise.  I’m really trying to get in the habit of making this a regular thing.  Been dealing with adjusting to everything still.  Almost 2 months here in Srbija and still looking for a job.  So my plate is a bit preoccupied with other things, but I’ll do the best I can.  The translated material takes a bit because my sweetie who translates everything for me is a full-time student and has his own shit to do.  But everything is coming together.  Promise!

Until then.. please bear with me.   =)