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So.. it’s 11 Feb 2010 and I’m sitting in Beograd, Srbija.  I’ve moved finally.  Been here since 28 Jan 2010.  There are a couple of things I’ve come to realize already in my short time here…

1. Check into the police department within 24 hours if you plan on staying more than a couple of days. It’s the law.. no matter what your embassy might tell you.  You can be fined, prosecuted, and serve jail time with parole if you do not.  Luckily, I managed to fix this before the worst happened.

2.  Serbia has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Well, I consider it nice, though I’ve been told it’s just upbringing and manners.  Either way…it needs to spread west.  The USA could use a good dose of Serbian hospitality and manners.

Though my stay has had a few snags and hiccups, thus far I’m quite pleased with my discussion.  I have not had the time to explore the city yet or meet tons of locals.  Priorities are first.. job.. then socializing to the max.  Though staying with Bili makes life so joyful for many reasons and fills this void I would have if I didn’t know anyone here.  Without him and his mom, my stay would have been miserable thus far.  Or at least VERY lonely.  But that’s one of the many reasons I love him.

Some things I’ve noticed while here…

1. Graffiti everywhere – Mostly football clubs or political sayings.  Lots of 1389 and Fuck USA.  Can’t blame them.  Lots of United Force or some of the other football clubs. But there is a ton of graffiti back home, so this isn’t something new.. but our graffiti in Memphis is 95% gang related.

2.  Lack of crime – I’m definitely not used to that!  But it’s awesome. I feel safe here.  Not just because of Bili, but because Beograd doesn’t have the same crime problems Memphis did.  I don’t fear being mugged on the buses, harassed on the streets for being a foreigner, or anything in between or beyond!   It’s amazing.  And somewhat surprising to many since the opinion of most about Serbia is that it is a political wasteland with no morals and simply a breeding ground for immoral behavior and genocides.  However, in my 13 days I’ve been here.. I’ve definitely seen the exact opposite.

But that is the goal of this blog.. to reverse the imagery of Serbia – to help restore the reputation of a land that is troubled, yes, but has so much to offer to people as a whole and on an individual level.

More to come on a regular basis.. 🙂  With photos to support shortly after.