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Here are some bits of my mind …  excerpts of understanding where I stand in a few ideologies of life and living in general…and yet so specifically aimed:

I know I stand on the edge of my move, ready to hear from a school to know I have a job and ready to pack my bags and begin my adventure learning and experiencing a culture that has been raped by the West for its own endeavors.  I want to know the truth for myself.  To see through their eyes what it’s like to live day-to-day with the fresh scars of a war battered society, and a government trying to sell itself to the West for some semblance of security.  But this is the wrong way to do it, Serbian government!  Listen to your people!  They are wanting change.. but not this way!  Look what is happening on the home front of the American Empire… do you truly want you country to be like this and spiraling even more out of control as the days dwindle on?  Please think before you do this!  EU will not save you.. the belief in your country, her beautiful people and culture is what will redeem you for selling your country to the people who helped those that destroyed you in the first place…

I shall elaborate on this at a later date… but soon.