So Many Changes!


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Ivan SpiwakSo…
I’ve been quiet.  Sorry! It wasn’t out of dislike or anything!  Just had LOTS of changes in my personal life. Relationship ended. New job. Moved. Visited the USA for the first time since I moved to Serbia. Getting back into the swing of things. And now many more changes ahead of me for the end of this year and all of 2014! I can’t even begin to talk about all that yet! Hahaha!

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Drowned Sisters


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Ferry-Middleburg-7So a while back, while digging through some records and inputting in some names into my tree, I found something that caught my attention. There were two family members that had the same date of death.  This caused me to focus on figuring out what happened with them. They were sisters.  And I’m very dear to my sister, so it just urged me to know more.

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A Personal Saint


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Hamburg Passenger ListsAlright, so maybe “saint” isn’t appropriate, but that’s what it feels like.  As anyone who’s read this blog or knows me personally, my family’s side of the family is a bit vague and completely complicated to research. Not only are they from Eastern Europe which has seen a fair share of government changes, the documents don’t always exist.

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T.J. the 3rd


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SilhouetteIn a recent post, I asked about how other genealogist and family ancestral diggers talk about anyone prominent or even famous without sounding like your bragging. I got back great responses that really helped me approach this subject.  It boils down to the reason and the way you approach the discussing the relative.

I only care to discuss some of the prominent figures in my tree for the sheer purpose of connecting with others.  So I’m going to start off with one everyone knows.   Continue reading

Ancestry Inspired Poetry


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I’m not really big on writing poetry anymore. Not like I used to at least.  However, when the mood strikes I take advantage of it.  Here are two pieces I wrote a few months back that I placed over images of the Carpathian Mountains.

I chose the Ukrainian portion of the Carpathian Mountains because this is where my Rusyn blood originates which is the inspiration of these two pieces. The Carpathian Mountains hold deep history for all Slavs. I’ll post more on this later, though. It needs a full post to itself to do justice.   Continue reading

Embroideries from Sambir Raion


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Sambir EmbroideryAs I’ve mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, my father’s family originated from today’s Western Ukraine from the villages of Pohirtsi and Zadnistryany. These villages are nestled in the Sambir Raion of the L’viv Oblast. Now I found these villages by fluke actually. And here is how…   Continue reading

Finding Famous People


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old photosAnyone doing serious genealogy will always find at least one famous or semi-famous person. How distantly related to them you are is a different story.  I have my own share of famous and prominent persons in my family tree. But how do you go about researching or discussing with other genealogist without sounding like your bragging or just throwing names out there?   Continue reading

Pohirtsi: Small, Old, Important


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Pohirtsi Signage

Photo by Mariya Ivanchak

Well, the other day I gave some bits of information on Zadnistryany, my great grandfather’s village. Pohirtsi is a neighboring village about 3km (1.8mi) to the West of Zadnistryany. Pohirtsi is where my great-grandmother (Ukrainian: прабабусею, Russian: прабабушкой) is from. Pohirtsi has had it’s a few name changes, too. Here are some basic facts I’ve come to learn about Pohirtsi: Continue reading

Jan 27th: A Day of Personal History


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27thI have no fun rhyme like “Remember, remember the 5th of November,” but to me this date is one of the most important in my life. This date gained an even greater importance when I found some documents on my great grandparents.

See, the first reason Jan 27th is an important date for me is it is the date I left the USA to move to Serbia. But it’s not just a date I moved. My mother and I had dreams months before I left that this would be the date I left on. I just then randomly bought a ticket a week before and the best price and deal was for Jan 27th. I arrived in Serbia on the 28th of January. So when I celebrate my “anniversary” of being in Serbia, I actually celebrate on the 28th. However, my life changed permanently on the 27th when I took that step onto the airplane and flew out of Memphis bound for the Old World. Continue reading


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